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[04 27 05 at 2351]

So, I was moving to Kamloops, for some odd reason. We were Driving, there. We had all our furniture in our car, and it looked like out car was furnished just like out house. So anyway, I had the cordless in my hand. It rang, so I awnsered it. I thought it was this dude called Martin, but it turned out to be this other dude Called Allan. Even though I wasnt very convinced. So he starts playing Paperdoll, by Kittie. ansd Im like, thats a good song. And then he plays dicks are for my friends.
Me : thats a gfood song
him : you should hear it
me : i've heard it before. I have the CD

So, then we out of the city limits, and we are driving in the car, and my parents decide that Im getting rather annoying. So, they made me jog. And while Im jogging, all these cars try to run me over, because its very narrow, and there 2 lanes, both lined by fences on both sides. So I see this dude with his daughter on their bokes. I catch up to them, and see that the girl is on a MSI bike. As in, the her boke has the name Mindless self indulgence on it. and the wheels can be made into CD's/ Anyway, her front wheel can be made into a CD called Girls Like boys Bad, or something. i didnt have that CD, so I just took hers.
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Convinience Store Porno [04 23 05 at 2359]

I'm not sure if there were 2 separate dreams or one. But, here goes.

So, I was in this convenience store, with Jeremy, Rory and Mark. The place was really messy and full of stuff. Anyway, there was this area that was marked 18+, and we all assumed it was full of porn. And because the perverts we were, we wanted to go in there. But the clerk was watching us like a hawk, and for some reason, we didnt want him to see us go in there. So, we waited for him to leave. I don't know where he went. So, moment he leaves, Jeremy and I sneak in there. Not sure where Rory and Mark were. Anyway, In the room, there was no porno. Actually, the room just contained those shirts that say like, for example, how to skip school, and it has those boxes with instructions using pictures. Only this one featured sexual positions. And there were crossword puzzles. Lots of them. So, we see Rory and Mark in the room, and Jeremt is like, 'when'd you guys get in here?' and Rory says, 'We were in here the whole time'. And then everybody starts drinking Vodka.

Ok, then the second part, Im on this bus that goes to some Ski resort, but it stops at Olympic Plaza on the way. So, me, my mum, Jeremy and Mark are on it. Jeremy and Mark are going Skiing, and my mum and I are going to Olympic Plaza. But then I decide I Dont want to go to Olympic plaza, so I ditch my mum, and because I have no other choise I go Skiing. But because Jeremy and Mark have their own skis, they get on the course faster then me. I had to rent, so, it took me a while to get on the course. Anyway, the course was mostly horizontal and had lots and lots of jumps. We were the only ones on the course, and I was following Mark and Jeremy, but they were not aware of me following them. So they go over this jump, and I do too. And notice that all the jumps have these images embedded into them. So I try and rip them out. But I fail miserably. And somehow, Mark and Jeremy end up beside me and try to do the same thing, and fail miserably.

The end.
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[04 21 05 at 1933]

Heh heh heh first dream!


In my dream last night, I was riding in a car with my mother and my fat aunt. I remember we stopped at the plaza with the #1 Convience and there was a Booster Juice there. My mom and my aunt wanted slurpees, so they bought about 10 slurpees from the Booster Juice, all in various sizes. I remember my friends Julie and Audrey were working there. Then we went back to the car, and my aunt has this crazy automatic unlock on her keychain for her car, so she unlocked her car and then I pulled the lock off the car because I was not expecting her to unlock it with her keychain. Suddenly, my mom disappeared, so my aunt and I decided to continue this little 'road trip' ourselves. As we were riding down the road, I noticed the road was becoming overgrown with tree branches littered with ladybugs which had each swelled to the size of a cat. After the ladybugs, there was a giganto frog in the middle of the road, about the size of a horse. That didn't stop us! We kept riding until we came to a rectangular lake, and connecting the sides of the lake was a rainbow. My aunt decided it would be a good idea to see if there was gold at the end. At the side of the lake, there was a grassy boulevard which we walked along to get to one side of the rainbow, and at the end of the rainbow, there was a sewer which I had to peer into to see if there was gold. There was, but my aunt thought it was 'fake gold,' and made me run to the other end of the rainbow to see if it was the real gold, and not the fake gold. She's bossy and has bad knees, so I ran along the boulevard to the other rainbow-sewer. I peered down, and it was the crappy gold, so I ran back to tell her we had the real treasure. The end.

testing [04 18 05 at 2058]

dicks are for my friends when they come to my house
i said dicks are for my friends when they come to my house
dicks friends my house
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