as it all comes crashing down ;; (_ffwd) wrote in frecklefortune,
as it all comes crashing down ;;

So, I was moving to Kamloops, for some odd reason. We were Driving, there. We had all our furniture in our car, and it looked like out car was furnished just like out house. So anyway, I had the cordless in my hand. It rang, so I awnsered it. I thought it was this dude called Martin, but it turned out to be this other dude Called Allan. Even though I wasnt very convinced. So he starts playing Paperdoll, by Kittie. ansd Im like, thats a good song. And then he plays dicks are for my friends.
Me : thats a gfood song
him : you should hear it
me : i've heard it before. I have the CD

So, then we out of the city limits, and we are driving in the car, and my parents decide that Im getting rather annoying. So, they made me jog. And while Im jogging, all these cars try to run me over, because its very narrow, and there 2 lanes, both lined by fences on both sides. So I see this dude with his daughter on their bokes. I catch up to them, and see that the girl is on a MSI bike. As in, the her boke has the name Mindless self indulgence on it. and the wheels can be made into CD's/ Anyway, her front wheel can be made into a CD called Girls Like boys Bad, or something. i didnt have that CD, so I just took hers.
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