as it all comes crashing down ;; (_ffwd) wrote in frecklefortune,
as it all comes crashing down ;;

Convinience Store Porno

I'm not sure if there were 2 separate dreams or one. But, here goes.

So, I was in this convenience store, with Jeremy, Rory and Mark. The place was really messy and full of stuff. Anyway, there was this area that was marked 18+, and we all assumed it was full of porn. And because the perverts we were, we wanted to go in there. But the clerk was watching us like a hawk, and for some reason, we didnt want him to see us go in there. So, we waited for him to leave. I don't know where he went. So, moment he leaves, Jeremy and I sneak in there. Not sure where Rory and Mark were. Anyway, In the room, there was no porno. Actually, the room just contained those shirts that say like, for example, how to skip school, and it has those boxes with instructions using pictures. Only this one featured sexual positions. And there were crossword puzzles. Lots of them. So, we see Rory and Mark in the room, and Jeremt is like, 'when'd you guys get in here?' and Rory says, 'We were in here the whole time'. And then everybody starts drinking Vodka.

Ok, then the second part, Im on this bus that goes to some Ski resort, but it stops at Olympic Plaza on the way. So, me, my mum, Jeremy and Mark are on it. Jeremy and Mark are going Skiing, and my mum and I are going to Olympic Plaza. But then I decide I Dont want to go to Olympic plaza, so I ditch my mum, and because I have no other choise I go Skiing. But because Jeremy and Mark have their own skis, they get on the course faster then me. I had to rent, so, it took me a while to get on the course. Anyway, the course was mostly horizontal and had lots and lots of jumps. We were the only ones on the course, and I was following Mark and Jeremy, but they were not aware of me following them. So they go over this jump, and I do too. And notice that all the jumps have these images embedded into them. So I try and rip them out. But I fail miserably. And somehow, Mark and Jeremy end up beside me and try to do the same thing, and fail miserably.

The end.
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